Character Introduction – Tomaru and Kyoya Heika

This is a small short I wrote, its.. kind of not canon. its plausible but it wasn’t a good opener for their story. It would probably have taken place a few months before Top actually starts.

But Tomaru and Kyoya Heika are the main protagonists of From the Top.

“Well well well” the man purred, sliding his hand down the boy’s cheek. He reached down and grabbed the boys chin, lifting him from his knees. “let see those beautiful lips up close” he pulled him close and kissed him, his hand sliding down his back to his little shorts. They barely covered anything, and would look much better strewn across the floor.

Tomii giggled and kissed the man, cupping his face. “these lips are very sore, they need a massage” he tilted his head, his eyes twinkling. “I’m not used to something so big, stretching them so wide~” he praised, but the man smirked.

“Bullshit” he laughed. “I don’t doubt you’ve been around the block a few times, with skills like those” he kissed him again, reaching down and gripping his ass. “you’re a little whore aren’t you”

They had met online, on a male seeking male web app. Pictures weren’t required, and he had been praying that the boy on the other end of the texts had been who he said it was, and he was pleasantly surprised. “Tomii” he murmured his name. “Such a cute name” he kissed down the boy’s neck. “it makes me want to eat you that much more’ he nipped the soft ear lobe

Tomii gasped and hugged the mans neck, pulling himself closer. “I like it, it sounds innocent doesn’t it” he whispered. “But the truth is, im such a whore” he giggled, covering his mouth like he had said something dirty. “you were right earlier.”

The man laughed and pushed his hand into Tomiis soft blonde hair. “Well then I guess I don’t have to be gentle with you then”

“Oh please!” Tomii begged. “Don’t. don’t be gentle. I want you to mess me up” he rolled his hips as he spoke. “inside and out, I want it all!” he ran a hand through his own hair, stretching his body out as he thought about being ravaged in bed again.

There was nothing he loved more than to be held underneath a strong man, ass up, being fucked into the floor. Groups were even better. The multiple hands, the constant sensory overload; Tomii loved it. He wanted to lose touch with the real world and only exist on that mattress. He wanted to give in to his body’s sensations and live a perfect life according to his own rules.

“Well whore-kun” the man gripped Tomiis bum. “Let’s get you exactly what you want” he carried him to the bed and tossed him onto the sheets, pouncing on top of him. “First, lets get rid of these shorts” he growled, gripping the hem.

Just as the skin was being exposed there was a knock at the door.

Tomii gasped. “You brought friends!” he turned to the man on top of him. The look of confusion told him otherwise.

“Were busy, who is it” the man called, and the door clicked open. The intruder had a key card.

“TOMARU!”  a black haired Megane stormed in, and walked over to the bed, yelling at Tomii.

“You’ve been warned to stop doing this! And you keep doing it! in father’s hotel too!” he wanted to grab the collar of Tomiis shirt, but he wasn’t wearing one!

The man stood there frustrated for a moment before turning to the confused male in the room. “You! Get out! And don’t even come back! You’re going to fuck my brother are you! No! Tell your friends to stay away from Tomaru Heika!” he shouted, and settled for a pillow to smack him with.

The man ran from the assault before turning and looking even more confused. “Heika?” his eyes widened and he looked at the boy on the bed an annoyed look on his face.

“Kyoya!” The cute innocent Tomii growled, which sent shivers down he mans spine. “an alpha” the man said breathlessly, “And.. Heika? As in.. THE Heika?” he asked, but received another pillow to the face.

“Kyoya you bastard!” Tomii launched himself at the intruder, knocking him to the ground.

He pressed one of the pillows over his face and looked up at the man, who was thoroughly confused and disturbed. “don’t pay him any attention, message me though okay, I still wanna fuck” he smiled innocently, despite the words coming from his mouth.

The man nodded half heartedly and grabbed his jacket, taking off from the room.

Kyoya tossed the pillow off his face and pushed Tomii onto his back.

Tomii looked up at his younger brother and purred. “Oh, is that it, you’re jealous of the men who fuck me” he reached up to touch his face, but the hand was smacked away.

“You’re an Alpha in the Heika family! Act like it! Stop acting like a whore before Ouji-sama finds out and exiles you!” he said, more angry than concerned.

“Your so fucking lucky! And you throw it all away! You stupid Alpha!”

Tomii pouted.” Who said im acting like a whore, I am one” he said confidently and pushed Kyoya off of him and adjusted shorts. “I told you I don’t care about the Heika family garbage. I don’t want to be in this family! I just want to have sex, and I want to live my own life! I envy you, at least you’re a beta. Why did I have to be the alpha twin” he whined. “I don’t want this”

“You are next in line to be the head of the Heika family. You are a top 1% of Alpha, and you don’t want it!” Kyoya shouted. He had already heard all of this. But it always angered him beyond belief. What he wouldn’t give to have been born an alpha. He was smart, studious, he had great leaderships skills, he spent his whole life perfecting the skills he would need as an alpha, only to present as a beta.

Tomii, or Tomaru, on the other hand lay in bed, either sleeping or with his legs spread open! This boy, despite being the elder twin, didn’t care about grades, but still got high marks, he made social circles well, he was outgoing, and he used all of that to get strangers to fuck him! He was tarnishing the Heika name, and Kyoya was half wanting to tell their grandfather and have Tomaru exiled from the family. But that would only be what he wanted, and it would close the path Kyoya wanted to open. He wanted to be the first beta to take a position of power in the Heika family. But he couldn’t work on that if he had to keep fending off rapists!

Tomii lay on the bed groaning. He was still turned on, and now he had no one to fill his hole. “you didn’t even stop them all. You missed the first two” he chuckled, knowing it would get on Kyoyas nerves. “just give it up, you’re brothers a whoreeee” he said. “And I like it. You’ve gotta try it!” he crawled to the edge of the bed looking down at his twin on the ground. “The feeling of being torn into, your body ripped open and cum into~” he rolled onto his back, feeling his nipples. They tingled just at the thought.

Kyoya growled, but it did nothing. A betas growl did nothing, especially not to a top 1% Alpha.

“stop talking about sex like its so damn wonderful!” he tossed the pillow at his brother. “its disgusting, especially for an Alpha to be the one being fucked” he scowled.

There was a steadfast rule in the Heika family, traditions really, passed from generation to generation. Heika Alphas were to have 2 Omega Mates. The multiple kids gave the Family multiple opportunities to keep a main line.

Member weren’t discouraged from partaking in outside activities, but if Totsuka, the head of the Heika family found out, that entire branch would be disqualified from the main line.

“Why can’t cousin Toki be the next head? He’s an Alpha, and he does archery like you..”

“His father had their line disqualified” Kyoya said. “We are the only viable line left, and you’re… you… ugh!” he threw up his hands in disgust. “you are putting everything in jeopardy!” he shouted. “Father doesn’t have any more sons-“

“So you go have a kid. If you have an alpha kid, then they take the head position after pops dies” he said. “you can be a stand-in while the little one matures” he shrugged.

“It doesn’t work like that!” Kyoya shouted, wanting nothing more than to beat his brother.

Since they were younger they had always been polar opposites. Kyoya was the more reserved child, while Tomaru was outgoing and shining and loved by all. They never really got along, because Tomarus blatant charisma outshone even the greatest of Kyoyas accomplishments. And now he was stuck hiding the Heikas biggest shame, despite the sinner not feeling any remorse.

“if anyone finds out-“

“Hey, you’re the one revealing my last name to people” Tomii said. “To them im just Tomii, the whore. You make me Tomaru Heika” he pointed at Kyoya. “Now who’s the idiot”



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