Welcome to my blog where i will be posting my fiction pieces surrounding the Omegaverse.

I hope you find it entertaining, as well as informative, on a universe you will never have to live in.

I want to preface anyone reading my story, that these works of fiction take place in a universe where power and hierarchy are the most important aspects of life.

The Omegaverse will touch on topics like rape, abandonment, shota, as well as the ignorance of others to peoples pain, and the unfairness of this world to those who aren’t alphas.

Majority of the characters portrayed will be omegas, and thus the world will appear very cruel. There will be times when you may think ‘well he cant do that’ or ‘someone needs to stop him’ but in the omegaverse, the rules are different. The rules surrounding sexuality are non-existent. Mates can be male or female, there is no gay, straight, bisexual identifiers in the omegaverse, because its not the primary gender that affects status. Its the secondary gender, whether someones an alpha, beta or omega.

Age being a topic. “Hes so young’, ‘hes only # years old’ yes, there’s portrayals of children being sexualized in negative ways. This is also part of my interpretation of the omegaverse and this is the experience of the characters i have created. but it being in one story isn’t going to change that it happens in real life too. Children in the Omegaverse present between the ages of 9 and 13 typically, and are considered viable at that point, and sometimes even before they present.

The consequences that stem from these actions are different. Its not bad for an alpha to take an omega, really at any point. As long as they take them in and support them properly, then that is how this society works. Its similar to adopting a cat. As long as you care for it, no one asks questions.

and while it seems that topics like child abuse and rape are not taken seriously in the omegaverse, its because these are the cultural norms that come with the omegaverse. This is NOT our universe, where people are opposed to these practices. this is a fictional universe in where each action taken is for the gain of power and rank, not necessarily sexualization.

Knowledge and power are the key motivators, and while rape, ownership and abuse are tactics used to further the gain of the first two, that is not abnormal for the omegaverse. It is incredibly unfair to the omegas in the story, and it has been for the longest time.

One of my favorite quotes from one of my characters, Takeshi, goes like this, “Its seen as a source of power to own an Omega, but its considered a sin to be one”

And that pretty much sums up the omegaverse.

So yes, taboo, controversial, maybe even downright disgusting scenes will be published here. Although nothing too graphic, i cant write smut for shit.

but i put a lot of stock in my characters emotions, and despite all the pain they go through, i want them all to be happy, but i want to stay true to what will happen to them in the universe they were born into.

So thank you for reading this, I hope that you are affected by the stories you read here. I want them to shock you and make you scream because of the unexpected nature, the sadness, the raw emotions. that’s my aim.

If at any time you have a question, a comment, a request, 100% feel free to contact me. Theres nothing i love more than knowing someones read something, even if they hated it. Im by no means a great writer and i dont pretend to be.

Ive warned you. ive told you what to expect. this is my version of the omegaverse, Its different from the next writers, whose is different from the next writers interpretations.

Thanks for reading!



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