Character Introduction: Hinata and Kageyama

one of my stories started as a Haikyuu fanfiction, still in the omegaverse. The creation of other characters turned it into its own thing. so while these two aren’t MY characters, they are part of the story, and i wrote an introduction of them into the omegaverse.

Its rather fluffy but its supposed to be, and its to explain how things are kinda set up.

If you’ve liked it or have questions, message me! Ill happily, jumping for joy answer questions! on twitter/tumblr/line my username is jillwoa !!


Thanks for reading!


“You’re courting me~” Hinata giggled, looking up at the black-haired crow that was Tobio Kageyama. “you’re courting me, and you know it”

Kageyama looked down at the little Chibi, who was dangerously walking backwards. “Yes, I know. the whole school knows. It was in the school paper for gods sake” he rolled his eyes, to distract from the smirk that was on his lips. “Now face forwards, you’ll fall” he physically turned Hinata, sliding their hands together in order to keep him at his side.

“you’re courting cause you like me” he chimed again, almost as if was supposed to be a tease.

This had been happening for about 3 days now, ever since Hinata took that online quiz, “Are you being courted by an Alpha”.

It was one of those pointless, 4am boredom tests, one level above ‘what kind of pizza topping are you’ but the results had been positive. Kageyama had woken up to a link to a quiz titled ‘Are you courting an Omega’, which was apparently the partner quiz. He completed it, sent the positive results to Hinata, and was spammed with about a hundred smiley face stickers.

Kageyama had been under the impression Hinata knew he was being courted. Kageyama gave him gifts, he took him out on their days off, he sent casual text messages, they sat cuddled together during meetings at practice.

Maybe he hadn’t said it in so many words, but he didn’t think it was a secret. And now that he knew, Hinata was telling everybody he saw, even the community volleyball team.

“now those gifts make sense” Hinata cooed, having realized their purpose. “the blanket, the jacket, they all smelled of you, I thought you wanted me to do your laundry” Hinata had been confused when Kageyama stopped by just to drop off items. He now owned 1 of Kageyamas blankets, two of his jackets, a stuffed crow plushie and a black and orange hair tie.

The two were on their way home from practice, where, surprise surprise, no one was shocked at Hinatas revelation. Kageyama was relieved at least they realized what was going on. It was just Space Cadet Hinata in oblivion. Nishinoya had been excited for Hinata, while Asahi was sympathetic to Kageyamas probable frustration. Asahi had been trying to get Nishinoya to start courting, and so far, it seemed being short meant being oblivious.

“did you wash them?” Kageyama asked, a bit annoyed. If his clothes weren’t going to be worn he would like the jackets back. He only had so many.

“I sleep with the blanket” Hinata said. “it smells of you, and it makes me happy” he giggled. “Even happier that I know its because you’re courting me~” it was like he was teasing him, but the taunt was true, and it didn’t bug Kageyama.

‘Good” the Alpha leaned down and pecked his temple, drawing a coo from the omega. His cheeks flared red and he looked up at the Alpha, catching the blush on his face as well.

“S-so does your mom know you’re courting me?” Hinata asked. “Does my mom know?!”

Kageyamas smiled faded a bit and he pushed his hair back. “I don’t care if my mom knows” he said. “but im pretty sure your mom knows. She’s been courted before, she would probably recognize the signs”

At least he hoped so. He hadn’t exactly been following the rule book to a tee, but he wasn’t skipping major steps. Courting nowadays was just like dating, which made it just a bit weirder that Hinata didn’t know. Traditional Courting’s were supposed to be formal, but no one followed old styles anymore, and as long as no one was Marked, then pretty much anything went.

He was really excited about giving Hinata the gifts though. He wanted the Omega to always have something that smelled of him, to both keep him happy and to tell other alphas that Hinata was occupied. Choosing what to give him had been the hardest part. He had considered buying new clothes and scenting them, but that almost felt too impersonal. He had asked for an extra Karasuno jacket, considering how often Hinata wore his but was declined. He ended up finding his smallest jackets and gifting them.

“She hasn’t said anything to me” Hinata shrugged and wrapped his arm around Kageyamas, leaning his head on his shoulder. “but.. I mean she saw the gifts and hung them up nicely when she usually just grabs the messy clothes” so maybe that was a positive sign.

The area was quiet, and neither of them were speaking for once. The plays in the practice were over, Hinata had his allotted ‘more tosses’ after practice ended, the meat buns had been consumed, and now it was a silent walk home.

It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence. In fact, it was actually quite comfortable. Kageyama hummed at the heat coming from the omega on one side, and the cool night breeze on the other side as they headed into the park. The park wasn’t necessarily on the direct route home, but it was most often a stop they made because Hinata would always want more tosses. The place was usually empty at this time of the night, save for the occasional couple or two. It seemed to be a nice spot for a date, if you didn’t mind the shoutings of two teenage boys practicing late at night.

“Tosses?” Hinatas voice popped up like an eager puppy, his tail practically wagging with excitement as he recognized the park spot. He slid his bag off his shoulder and turned to face Kageyama, smiling like an idiot.

“Not tonight” Kageyama said, and watched the smile fall a bit, but not disappear. “I want to do something different tonight” he stepped closer, taking Hinatas hands into his, pulling him closer. He smirked at the curious expression on Hinatas face, and wrapped an arm around his waist. “Im courting you remember?”

Kageyama brought his hand up to Hinatas cheek, rubbing the soft skin with the pad of his thumb. It was so soft, even if he had been a sweaty mess an hour before. Kageyama smiled down at the boy who was staring up at him, doe eyed. “I want to kiss you” he said, and leaned down so their lips were millimeters apart, their foreheads touching. “Is that alright?” he whispered, trying to keep the nervous sounds from his voice.

The soft, pink lips were right there in front of him, and he wanted to touch them and kiss them and feel them move against his. No doubt the kissing technique would be awful, YouTube videos could only provide so much information, but he wanted to try anyways. They hadn’t had a proper kiss yet, with Hinatas lack of self-awareness being at fault.

Hinatas face blossomed red quicker than when he was hit by a volleyball. He was thrown off by how close Kageyama had gotten and took a step back, pulling himself from the gentle touches Kageyama had on him. The places of contact still burned hot.

“Wha-what” he looked at his hands as he pulled at his fingers for a second. “you want to.. kiss” his voice lowered and he touched his bottom lip, his giddy smile overtaking them easily enough. He had been startled by the sudden proximity, as well as the scent.

He was used to Kageyamas scent, he knew it pretty well. As an omega, he was sensitive to scents, and could tell statuses apart, and even different people if he knew their individual scents. Those on the team were easy to tell apart now. If the classroom door was open he could tell when a member walked past.

Emotions could be read through scents as well. The more someone was familiar the easier it was to distinguish emotions like relief or confusion, but anger and fear were universally detectable; especially in alphas. If an alpha was angry, it made everyone stop. The scent paralyzed them. It was an evolutionary trait, for offensive and defensive purposes.

Hinata remembered the first time he felt the anger of an alpha, he was 7. His mother, a beta, had bumped into a man at the supermarket, and the scent of annoyance had been enough to send him into a panic, unable to move. It had felt like his world was closing in on him, like something was suffocating him or had punched him in the chest. He hadn’t been able to breathe or think or move.

His mother had been fine, Betas had a higher tolerance for the scents; with duller noses than omegas.

But Kageyama didn’t smell angry. He smelled.. nervous, but excited. He smelled warm, inviting, like a warm jar of honey, ready to embrace you and keep you for all of eternity. It was so intense!

He kinda regretted stepping back now. He wanted to take in more of that sweet scent, to get closer. He didn’t mean to reject the alphas advances. Looking up he saw a smirk, not a scowl, on Kageyamas face, and an outstretched hand.

Hinata placed his hand in Kageyamas and was pulled close. “Come here” he was told, and pulled to Kageyamas chest. Hinata took the opportunity to bury his nose in Kageyamas neck, taking in the new scent from the source.

“What’s this scent” Hinata hummed, wrapping his arms around his suitor. He jumped when he felt a nose on his own neck, rubbing against his scent gland under his jaw. He let out a small hum. Normally his neck was very sensitive and ticklish, but he wasn’t feeling the giggles. He was engrossed in the boy in front of him.

“Oranges, like your hair’” Kageyama purred, tugging at the strands. “eternal bedhead much?”

Hinata giggled, and looked up at Kageyama, the moonlight curving around his straight black hair. It was flat against his head, making the moons reflection look like it was just bouncing from a scalp “baldie” he giggled quietly.

“what!” the alpha lightly growled, letting go of Hinata to check his head for hair loss. He was only 14, he couldn’t be going bald already!

The panic sent Hinata into a fit of giggles as he watched the stoic alpha make faces as he ran his fingers tough his hair, checking for any fallen strands. Settling down, Hinata sat on the grass, eventually laying on his back to look up at the night sky. There were a couple big stars visible, that they could see up here in Miyagi but not in Tokyo. That’s what he disliked about the big city, no stars to see. No parks to lay in and stargaze, cuddle, or relax in. But the trade-off was he got to see Kenma and Inuoka and the rest of Nekoma, as well as the Fukurodani guys. A lot of his friends were in Tokyo, but a lot more were in Miyagi. And Kageyama was in Miyagi.

Satisfied with his follicle situation, Kageyama joined Hinata on the ground with a groan. He slid his arm under Hinata, adjusting until they were both comfortable.

It was a quiet moment, romantic even. They weren’t exchanging words, they didn’t need to. There wasn’t anything that could be said at the moment that could make this any better. They still hadn’t kissed though.

Hinata scooted closer to Kageyama, and turned to press his lips to his shoulder. He knew he should be watching the stars, but he wanted to watch Kageyama more. The cool, stoic setter, bathed in moon and star light. “Cute” he whispered.

“Hmm?” Kageyama looked over at Hinata. “did you say something?”

Hinata giggled and shook his head, and leaned up, pressing his lips to Kageyamas, holding it for a moment before rolling back onto his back. Instantly he felt his heart pound, and he wondered if Kageyama could hear it. His first kiss! His first kiss ever, his first kiss with Kageyama! It had been a spur of the moment decision, but he was happy now, and was rewarded with more of the honey scent, warming him and drawing a purr from him.

If he had looked over at Kageyama he would have seen the boy in a state of shock and awe. Hinata had stolen his plan, but that was okay. Of course, the planned out kiss would pale in comparison to the emotional in the moment kiss. It left the alphas lips tingling. He looked over at the omega, who was in just pure bliss.

“what are you thinking?” Kageyama asked after a moment.

After a moment Hinata looked up at Kageyama. “Think any dogs have peed on this grass?”

Kageyama deadpanned. “Well there goes that romantic moment” he laughed and sat up, looking over at Hinata, still on his back. The little omega was pleased with himself it seemed, his mouth open in contagious giggles. Kageyama let out a few and stood up, wiping the grass from his uniform.

Apparently, he was missing a bunch as Hinata sat up and helped, picking off the bits from the back of his legs. “Grassy-Yama” he taunted.

“You’re one to talk” the alpha scoffed, bending own and picking a few blades from Hinatas hair.

When he was free and clear of grass, Hinata lay back down, and looked up at the stars, the orange hair splayed across the green grass, outlining the soft boy in the moonlight. Was there a situation in which Hinata wasn’t adorable?

Kageyama had felt the pull towards the kid since he saw him, before he even knew he was an omega. He just knew he wanted him.

When he saw him at the tournament in middle school he thought nothing of it. his heart quickening was because of the excitement, not because of any omega, although if he really thought about it, it was probably those moments that sealed Kageyamas fate. He was just too self involved to notice it back then. Alot of things made his heartbeat quicken as a new Alpha. But as a not-as-new alpha, when he saw the red hair again in highschool and his chest tightened, and his teeth ached, he knew it wasn’t just volleyball doing this too him.

Hinata wasn’t the first omega Kageyama had met, and for the most part Kageyama was able to function around them normally. Sometimes he was just so caught up in them that he came across as rude, but he noticed small things about them, or rather his instincts pushed him to notice the tiny details, as if he was scrutinizing them bit by bit. But whenever Hinata opened his mouth Kageyama was enraptured. It sucked that 90% of what Hinata said was random babblings, with 10% being about volleyball.

Keeping his calm around Hinata became even harder after watching his skill, and seeing their compatibility. No one else was able to match up with him, and suddenly there was this.. this being that fulfilled everything Kageyama wanted. But he was so damn oblivious!

Kageyama had been subtle for a while, before working up the courage to start courting him, whereas now he was just bold and up front about what he was doing, which was why it was so annoying Hinata hadn’t picked up on it. If he was treating Kageyamas actions as normal, was there other alphas who were doing similar things and he didn’t realize it? there better not be.

Sighing Kageyama sat back on the grass and nudged Hinatas leg, motioning for him to come close. He pulled him into his lap and leaned down, kissing his temple and sighing. Hinata hummed in satisfaction, burying his nose in Kageyamas neck, inhaling deeply.

“Im probably not going to be at school for a few days next week” Hinata mumbled into his shoulder. “my heats coming up again, so I can’t be out”

The news made Kageyama frowned. “Can’t you take suppressants? That’s what Tsukishima does”

“I tried that already” Hinata said and frowned. “They made me feel sick and they don’t work that well. I was in the nurses all day, they had me in one of the Heat Rooms remember?” he frowned at the memory. He never wanted to go to a Heat Room ever again. They were cold, scentless, and you spent the entire time in there alone. It was isolation hell, when all you wanted was to feel the touch of someone. Most of them didn’t even have enough pillows or blankets to make a proper Nest, which only added to the restless panic feelings.

Kageyama rubbed his back and nodded. He had heard about the Heat Rooms. He had never been inside one, as an Alpha, but he had seen pictures.

“would having a new blanket help?” he asked. “I mean I gave you that one a few weeks ago, it probably smells more of you than of me” he said. “I can bring a new one over on Saturday”

Hinata bit his lip and looked up at him, giving a small nod. “That would really help” he nodded.

Being wrapped in Kageyamas scent would drive a majority of his Heat dreams towards Kageyama, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It may make things a bit awkward if Kageyama heard Hinata moaning out his name mid-heat, but it would be even worse if he found out the omega was thinking of someone else in that erotic moment.

“ill take the one you have now back to my place, and get it all.. scented up again for next months heat” he said. “but be sure to warn your mom im coming over. The last thing I need is for her to think I’ve come to rape you again” he groaned.

Hinata giggled and let out a small ‘oops’ at the mention of the incident.

He had asked Kageyama to bring over the worksheets from class, but failed to mention it to his mother, so when an alpha showed up at their door asking for Hinata, she assumed he was here to sex him up. It would have been an ordeal if Hinata wasn’t on his last day and was functional enough to explain the situation to his mom.

“You smelled great that day” Kageyama purred, earning himself a nudge. “What, im not wrong. You were in heat. Of course you were delicious” he kissed his head. “maybe if you start your heat before I come to swap blankets, you could roll yourself in it naked” he teased.

“So bold” Hinata mumbled, but quietly agreed.

Kageyama jolted suddenly, looking around them. Hinata didn’t know what happened, but he found out soon enough.

A group of boys, Betas mostly by their scent, were walking down the path through the forest. There seemed to be an alpha in the group, but they didn’t notice the pair. That didn’t stop Kageyama from clinging to Hinata protectively, preparing to act if need be.

Hinata rubbed his chest, and tried to draw his attention. “Tobio” he whispered when he wasn’t reacting to Kageyama.

The alphas face turned to him, still tense.

“What’s the matter? They weren’t coming towards us” the omega smiled. “there was only 1 alpha right? Was he that big of a rank jump?”

As if there wasn’t enough competition in in the world, Alphas had their own internal ranking system. It didn’t affect betas or omegas. Depending on wealth, power and family, an alphas rank would be higher or lower. The higher the alphas rank, the more they had power over other alphas, even if they were younger. But ranks could and did fluctuate.

Kageyama wasn’t a high rank. His mother was a single parent, and while alphas were given priority and privileges, not every alpha was equal.

“we should go” Kageyama said, standing up. “you shouldn’t be out this late anyways. Ill walk you home tonight” he said curtly

Hinata frowned. The romantic mood was gone, and Kageyama was stressed and agitated. Hinata tried to hold his hand but Kageyama took both bags instead. He was watching for others instead of paying attention to Hinata, and it made the walk home feel a bit lonely.

“are you coming to school tomorrow?” Kageyama asked, setting Hinatas bag down on the floor of the kitchen.

“I plan to” the omega said. “I don’t feel the same prickles I usually do the day before my heat” he said, looking at his fingertips. He would get tingles in his hands, it was a weird sensation and generally an uncomfortable one.

“okay, so ill meet you at the same location okay?” he turned to leave. He slid his shoes on, and opened the door.

“Kageyama wait!’ Hinata walked to the door and pecked his lips. “its late” he bit his lip. “I don’t want you walking home alone” he looked at clock in the kitchen, it was 10pm. “stay here, at least until my mom gets home from work” he said. She would be home around midnight. “Or sleep over.”

Kageyama blushed. “That’s not a good idea”

“Im not going to spontaneously burst into heat at 3 am” Hinata said, squeezing Kageyamas hand. “Ill be nervous the entire time your walking”

The alpha could feel the worry in his spikers voice, and felt the urge to cave in, to agree, to stay over. He wanted to, he wanted to have this omega in his arms, protected, safe, all night. He wanted that more than anything right now.

After a few moments of expectant silence, Kageyama let the front door close, and groaned as he slipped his shoes back off. “only until your mom gets home” he said. “And you’re going to bed” he watched the others face light up like a Christmas tree. He pulled out his phone and texted his mother, not like she would care when he was home.

“ill get you some clothes to wear, so you’re not in your uniform all night” Hinata said, having already take off his jacket. “come upstairs”

Hinatas room was messy, but it was very Hinata-like. In the corner was a stack of pillows, no doubt for the Nest when the Heats came. The walls had volleyball posters, and the bookshelf had numerous manga. Looking over Kageyama noticed a few titles. “You read Shoujo manga?” he asked, pulling a volume 5 from its place.

“Huh? Oh! That’s Natsus” he said, handing Kageyama a pair of shorts and t-shirt. “Her bookshelf was full and mine was.. empty. So she’s storng her manga here” he shrugged and put the book back in its place, stripping his own uniform shirt and pants to get changed.

Kageyama paused, watching as the omega undressed in front of him, his back to he alpha, his pure, pristine, unmarked skin taunting him.

“Is that.. a good idea” Kageyama asked, turning away from the sight.

Hinata tilted his head. “We get changed at practice, what’s different here?” he asked.

Kageyama wanted to punch the kid. The difference between stripping down in an omegas bedroom, while they were alone, and changing in a locker room with other teammates was immense, he wasn’t even sure how to explain it.

“Im going to get changed in the bathroom” Kageyama declared, leaving before Hinata could see the growing bulge in his pants.

Shrugging Hinata went back to getting changed, and crawled into bed, wrapping himself in the blanket he had received from his suitor. The brown fluffy blanket was so warm and comforting, it made him wish a bit that his heat would start and Kageyama would hold him.



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