1: From the Top

A little Rated R.


The café wasn’t too noisy, just enough so that others couldn’t hear what he was saying. He leaned in close to the male, whispering in his ear, drawing a blush up onto his cheek. He was saying some really dirty things after all.

The male pulled back and looked around, as if expecting to get caught. The boy was clearly new blood, probably a virgin, or at least not used to being propositioned by a stranger. Ah the life of the sexually adventurous.

Tomii stood up and winked at the boy, heading over to the café counter.

Niko smirked at him, his blue apron almost an eyesore against his black shirt and pants. It changed the shape of the mans body, his big, strong, muscular body.

“He’s good to go” Tomii said motioning back to the table, where the male fidgeted with his hair awkwardly. It was cute.

“Are you sure? He doesn’t look to experienced. It probably wont be very good..” Niko asked, looking over Tomiis shoulder at the male.

“he’s moldable” Tomii said. “You picked him out ya know” he looked over at the woman next to his friend, tilting his head and letting out a soft smile.

She groaned. “What do you want?” she sassed him.

Tomii feigned pain. “im hurt” he gasped, but he understood her annoyance. He was always stealing Niko from her at the most inconvenient of times.

“id like my usual order Elizabeth” he said. “a grande Niko with chocolate shavings on top” he looked up at the male, watching his push his short black hair out of the way.

The woman groaned and smiled at a customer, saying goodbye before turning back to Tomii. “Half an hour” she said.

“awe, only half an hour?” Tomii pouted, leaning on the counter. “Are we sure we can’t do a full hour?”

“Yes, we are sure” she said and smiled. “I need him tonight. It’s the Omega Moms Book Club night, and Niko here is their favorite”

“Gasp!” he said. “Using Niko for his body, shamelessly selling him to the women”

“Yup” she said, securing a blender on its base. “all day every day”

Niko laughed and nudged his boss. “Ill be back in a half hour. Pay this idiot no mind” he nudged Tomii to go back to the table, his new partner was looking restless and may be looking to back out of the event!

Thanks to Tomiis intervention things were going to go down smoothly, and Niko slid off his apron, hanging it up and clocking out onto his break.

“Thanks Elizabeth, ill be back soon”

“Yea yea” the woman smirked, watching her boss drag her best worker away.

He met Tomii and the new boy out in front of the café, the two locked elbows and were close up to one another. Niko stepped in the middle and smirked. “Save the cuddles for the post-orgasm” he said, looking down at Tomii and sticking his tongue out.

The trio walked down the street to a hotel, conveniently owned by Tomiis father, Hiiro. One rule of the Heika household was that the family members must be business owners, through acquisition, entrepreneurship or gifting. Hiiro had given his smartest son, Kyoya, a clinic to manage, but had given Tomii the café. It was small and quaint and it was a great place to pick up guys, especially when your closest friend worked there.

Tomaru had gotten Niko the job but the alpha more than earned his position. He did very well at the establishment, both as a café worker and as a scout for Tomii. Any cute guys were sent Tomiis way, often resulting in the two slipping into the nearby hotel, returning for post coital coffee.

It wasn’t uncommon for Niko to join Tomii and his new partner, but it sometimes it was just the blonde and his new buddy. Either option was fine with Niko. He rarely found the new people entertaining but Tomii loved it. Niko preferred just nailing Tomii himself, knowing exactly what to do.

The new male looked at the two and blushed. “are you two.. swingers or something?” he asked, to which the two alphas burst into laughter.

“me? Mates with Niko!”

“Me, mates with Tomii?” they both laughed. “No, we aren’t swingers. Were just friends, really, hot friends” Niko explained. “Im kinda his ass’s manager” he grabbed one of the perky globes. “or who knows what this guy would pick up”

The male nodded slowly, not sure how much he believed them. They seemed really close, but I guess sex is one way to get really comfortable with someone.

“So, are we getting a room?” they entered the lobby, but Tomii pulled the two towards the elevator.

“This guy doesn’t deserve a room” Niko said, sliding his hand roughly into Tomarus hair. His smile seemed to turn when they got into the elevator. Niko looked more.. aggressive than friendly now.

Tomii gave a raspy giggle. “What about the laundry room then” he asked, looking up at his ‘aggressor’. Tomii seemed to have become more of a submissive personality as well, bending to Nikos aggression. Was this their game?

“Laundry room?” the male stammered, not sure if it was okay. “but there’s no.. bed or anything”

“This guy doesn’t need a bed” Niko laughed. “he will spread his legs just about anywhere. Just not the kids section of Walmart” he smirked. “now the candle aisle is his favorite” Niko purred, like he was remembering a fond memory, probably including the theft of a girthy candle, prison style.

The male shifted uncomfortably, the blood rushing down to his groin. He was liking the sound of what he was hearing. He wasn’t as sexually adventurous as these two but it seemed like it would be a good time at least.

Reaching forwards, he slid his hand into Tomiis hair, pulling him down a bit. Tomii was taller than him. “You like to be treated like a whore huh” he asked, not hitting the right vocal tones completely but the effect worked and Tomaru looked up at him with such pathetic desperation. The male really liked being treated badly, it almost made him feel guilty.

The elevator dinged open and Niko smacked Tomarus ass. “get out” he growled.

Tomii obeyed and walked out, turning around to face the two males who would eventually be inside him. he flicked on the lights to the laundry room and saw the machine rows, some shaking with motion as they performed their duties. Soon Tomii would be shaking as he performed his duties.

Niko looked around and hummed. “Its almost too high class for you” he said to Tomii, reaching down and grabbing his chin, pulling him close.

Tomiis heart jumped with excitement. He was so hot right now, and knowing he would be skin to skin with Niko again only intensified that burn. While his favorite scenario was a group one, Niko was a partner he couldn’t live without, the mans strong broad chest and large tough hands felt great on his skin, gripping him and smacking him in all the right places. The man knew how to play internal hockey. He rearranged Tomiis insides every time they got together!  just thinking about being pinned down under that massive body was enough to cause the alpha to pop a boner.

“Are you gunna fuck me in the dryer again?” Tomii asked, biting his lip to hide his grin.

Niko let go of his chin and scoffed. “You enjoyed that too much” he said and leaned on the machines. “Are you wearing what I told you?”

Tomii blushed and looked to their new partner shyly.

“Drop your shorts and show our new friend” Niko growled, watching as the shorts around Tomiis waist fell to the ground, revealing a pastel pink thong, his naughty bits dangerously cradled in the thin fabric.

“how does it feel?” Niko asked and pointed to the new partner. “Tell him how it feels.”

Tomii blushed and turned to the new guy, looking at him with a small smile. “They feel really good” he felt the fabric. “they’re soft”

“And what about what else I told you to wear”

Tomii jumped and turned around, showing off the black disc digging into his bum cheeks.

“how’s that been feeling all day?” Niko smirked, moving forwards and gripping the base of the toy, giving it a small shake.

“It feels.. sometimes it painful, depending on how I sit”

“What’s the most uncomfortable position?”

Tomii gulped and looked up at Niko, knowing the information would be used against him. “Squatting. It feels like its going to fall out. Or-“ he bit his tongue.

“Or?” Niko tilted his head. “What other ways are there?”

Tomii groaned, wiggling his bum.  “leaning back or forwards. It digs into me” he mumbled, earning himself a smack right on the base, sending shivers up his spine.

“Speak up”

“sitting weird hurts it” he almost yelled, whimpering afterwards.

“Good” Niko purred, rubbing his thigh.

The male next to them watched, not sure how to interact with the two or if he should wait for them. He wanted to participate, but he didn’t want to spoil the mood.

The dilemma was solved when Niko grabbed his hand and pulled him close, so close to Tomiis body he could feel the rubber toy against his leg.

“how does this feel?” he asked, having the male press his leg into the soft flesh.

Tomii gasped and gripped the machine in front of him. “it hurts!” he moaned.

“Want him to stop?” he pressed the male in closer.

“No! Please no!” Tomii begged.

Niko smirked, pleased with Tomii. “Take it out of him” he told the newbie. “and then pick where you want to fuck him”


First son to Hiiro Heika, grandson to Totsuka Heika, and next in line for the Heika Head position. Tomaru Heika was an Alpha of the top 1%. His rank asserted him as one of the top Alphas in the family, but he didn’t care at all. He didn’t care about any of the Heika stuff. He wanted to be a whore, not an Alpha. He wanted to be pinned down in bed, not be pinned down by politicians and family members. Although some of the other members.. he wouldn’t mind tasting with his lower mouth.

The Heika family had been the unofficial ruling class of the Alpha class for nearly 600 years, kept together by strict rules and the exilation of outliers. So far Tomiis fathers line was the only one to survive the Purge of 2006, when his grandfather banished Lines left and right.

If someone found out about Tomiis proclivities and his line was banished, the Heika family would be left without an heir, and like hell Totsuka Heika would allow a Beta like Hiiro to be Head. It had to be Alphas, and at this point, it had to be Tomaru.

As for who knew about the Head Tomii enjoyed, Kyoya was the only person Tomaru had confided in. The beta wasn’t happy at although. The Beta twin was an Alpha personified, except in status. He seemed to take as much if not more, pleasure in interrupting Tomiis sexual adventures as Tomii enjoyed having them.

Kyoya was more into the politics of the Heika family than Tomii cared about, He had a lofty goal of being a high-powered Beta in the family, which wasn’t going to happen under Totsukas rule. But it didn’t stop Kyoya from striving.

“are you going to start or not?” Niko asked, tilting his head at the male, Tomii leaned over, waiting for the male to touch him.

Taking a deep breath, the male stepped forwards, gripping the base and giving it a twist, pushing a moan out of Tomarus body.

“the laundry room really is perfect for a slut like you” he smirked, attempting the same language as Niko. Tomii was quick to correct him.

“Im a whore, not slut” he said sternly, breaking the sexually changed atmosphere, and started to stand up, but Niko pushed him back down and forced him to spread his legs more.

The male looked up at Niko for permission, and moved back in to grip the plug base, giving it another small twist, before tugging at it, barely moving it.

“you can do better” Niko purred, looking down at Tomii. “I hope he tears you” he said sadistically, watching the corners of Tomiis mouth rise as he buried his face, now blushing, against the cold metal of the machine.

The male bit his lip and stepped forwards, gripping the toy again, preparing to give one solid tug. The plastic felt so heavy in his and and warm. “Ready?” he asked, but jumped when the doors behind him slammed open.

“More people?” Tomii smiled, looking back at the people who had entered the room.

They weren’t here to fuck.


Kyoya walked in and gripped Tomii by the hair, pulling him away from the two men. “Get dressed!” His eyes were red. “get fucking dressed” he wiped his eyes and turned to the two men, yelling for them to get out. The new male scrambled out quickly, but Niko didn’t move. He helped Tomii into his shorts, before stepping back to let the bothers have their moment.

Kyoyaaa” the alpha whimpered, leaning against the machine next to his brother, nudging him. he looked up when he heard anther sniffle.

“you’re crying?” he asked, concerned. Kyoya didn’t cry. “What’s wrong?” he reached to touch his cheek.

Kyoya pushed the hand away and wiped his own face. “the worlds ending” he said. “Jii-san.. he.. he’s dead”

“What!” Tomii said, not believing what he heard. “No, that’s a lie.” Tomii may not have cared for the family politics, but the actual people were a different story! “He’s fine, he’s Jii-san, he’s going to be fine whatever it is” he said and touched his brothers shoulder.

“He wont recover from a bullet to the head!” Kyoya shouted, pushing Tomii away. “He’s been killed, and that means they need you at the House!” he turned and shouted at his brother, who was reaching into his pants to try and adjust the plug. His ass was burning!

“Me?” Tomii asked, pointing at himself “God no. you go.” He said, wincing as the plug was twisted inside him. “Oh yea, he tore me” he mumbled, a small hint of a smile playing on his lips.

“you’re next in line, its your duty!” Kyoya shouted. “Leave your ass alone! For once! Think about something other than a dick in your ass!” he shouted, angry beyond belief with frustration and grief.

Tomii jumped and held his hands up. “alright” he gave in. He felt bad for his twin. They were really close and he was close with his grandfather. Being killed…

“Well if I’m going to be the head, it’ll be under my terms” he said and sighed. “Now, lets go cut a bitch” he walked dramatically past Kyoya and out of the room. Or he would have made a dramatic exit if he wasn’t waddling with a torn asshole and plug inside him.

“First I need Niko!” he shouted from the hallway. “My ass is burning, I need his soothing touch”


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