2: From the Top

Plug-free and slightly grumpy, Tomii got into the car with a still upset Kyoya. The Beta twin was trying his best to hold it together, but Tomii felt a lot of melancholy. He was angry as all hell, someone had DARED to hurt not only his grandfather, but by extension his brother, and their heads were going to be on a stake! But as to the whole ‘our leader has been killed; thing, he wasn’t too hung up on it.

They arrived at the main house soon enough. There were a lot of other cars in the area, and he could see people in suits all over the property. Tomii turned to his brother, cupping his cheeks. “You need to stop crying” he said, wiping his face. “I have a plan. But I need you to stop crying” he said and smoothed Kyoyas hair back, giving him a moment to compose himself. “be angry, not sad. Let the hatred burn away the tears”

Kyoya nodded and took a few more breaths, calming himself down. “I hope those bastards pay” he mumbled.

“Good” he kissed his forehead. “Now follow me, and agree with whatever I say”

Kyoya looked at him skeptically but nodded. The two of them stepped out of the car and Tomii put on his Alpha face. He raised his head and lowered his shoulders. He straightened his back and kept his eyes forwards. He was Tomaru Heika, the new Head, the one in charge, and people were going to take notice, and obey.

He was the dominant, and they were all his subs.

The air was heavy with sadness and suspicion. The killer wasn’t known yet, and everyone was suspicious of one another. Even Tomaru felt the prickle in the air. They were all on the outside of the main house, he presumed his grandfathers body was inside.

He walked to the front door, Kyoya by his side, and turned to look back at them. his arrival was noticed and the people had all turned to look at him, almost for direction.

He poked hi shad in the main door and grimaced, closing it again.

“Okay.” He exhaled. “Everyone is to meet in the main Dining Hall” he looked around the area, seeing various weapons, from katanas to guns in people’s possessions. That wasn’t good. “Absolutely no weapons are allowed. I don’t want any ore bloodshed. So, go put your weapons in your cars or leave them at the side of the house” He utilized his voice, adding weight to the final command, making sure they ALL felt it.

A few of them men gave a ‘yes sir!’ but it was not a collective effort and resembled a sloppy kindergarten class during role call.

The men started to move, some towards the car, others towards the side of the house. Tomaru was going to use this time to sneak inside. He was actually surprised by the amount of people here. He was young, 10 when his grandfather had started purging the family lines, so growing up there had been maybe a maximum of 5 lines consistently around the house. Now there were upwards of 50 men outside.

Had they come to try and steal the head position? If there were no viable Lines left that would be possible, but Tomarus Line had survived. He doubted there would be a coup, but he wanted to quell any animosity first.

Besides, he couldn’t run the family all by himself. his grandfather was nuts to think he could! That’s probably what got him killed.

Standing in the genkan, Tomaru turned to Kyoya. He could smelt eh blood, and he didn’t want Kyoya to see it. “Im putting you in charge of weapons confiscation” he said, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Go make sure no one else has anything.”

“I the bouncer?” Kyoya asked, unimpressed.

“no..” Tomaru groaned, but admittedly, yes that was what he just asked. “Just go, take.. is Takeshi here? If Takeshis here, get him to help too. He’s used to patting down people” he said. “Okay, that’s your task. An I trust you to complete it?”

Kyoya sighed and opened the front door. “Who are you and where’s Tomii?” he walked out.

“Hey!” Tomii laughed. “Its Tomaru-sama to you!” he teased, flashing him a smile and closed the door, locking it. He didn’t want anyone wandering in right now.

It didn’t take long for Tomaru to find the body. in the first sitting room, Totsuka Heika was in his chair, slumped over with a trail of blood leading between his yes. It was dried now, but there were drops on the tatami mat underneath.

“Oh god” Tomaru gasped, turning away for a second, clutching his stomach. “Gramps” he walked up to the body, reaching to touch his skin, but his hand was grabbed.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” The voice said, it was Takeshi.

The man was in a lab coat, his hair pulled back into a messy ponytail.

“S you are here” Tomii said, looking up at his cousin, the doctor.

“Of course im here. News of the assassination of the Head of the Heika threw everyone into an uproar. Everyone’s here. Like everyone. Seiyo, Mahiru, Goza. Everyone”

Tomaru whistled in surprise. “And now they get me huh”

Takeshi smothered a giggle. “Yea, we go from Totsuka here to a newborn babe as a head” The doctor teased.

Takeshi Izumi was a doctor, and one of Tomarus friends. The male was older by 6 years, and was the head of his family Line. His line had been one of the few to survive until now, but taking up the medical practice took Takeshi out of the running for Head. His whole family had been in the medical field, so Takeshi never really expected a shot at the position, nor did he want one. He as happy with his research. He adopted his mothers last name, instead of Heika, to separate himself from the Family a bit, he didn’t want to be bound by the name.

He was known around the family as the eccentric, yet his family’s hospital was the first choice for many in town. Takeshis interests in omegas and research earned him some judgement, but h as often too busy to take any notice.

“yea, no ones happy in his situation” Tomaru sighed. “oh shoot” he looked to the window. ”I told Kyoya to look for you out there”

“Oh, Takis out there” Takeshi said. “Thing will be fine.”

“Oh, Takis here?”

Taki was Takeshis younger brother and about Tomarus age. If Tomaru was remembering correctly, Taki was pretty meek.

“Will he be able to pat people down for weapons?”

Takeshi laughed. “oh, maybe it wont be fine then” he said, grabbing something from his bag and walking over to the body.

Tomaru frowned when he looked over seeing his grandfather dead. Here he was, chatting with his friend when he had a job to do.

“Do we know what happened?”

“he was shot” Takeshi said, looking ta the back of Totsukas head, seeing an exit wound, and finding the bullet in the chair back. “with a gun”

“Do we know who it was?”

The door creaked open and a man walked in.

“Ah, Hide!” Tomaru smiled. It was Hide, his grandfather’s assistant. The man had been part of the family for nearly 50 years, and was a man of integrity. Even now the man wasn’t showing any sadness. It was almost creepy if it wasn’t admirable.

“The shooter was- ahem, is, Hanae Heika, a member of the family” he said, and adjusted his hair. His black hair was usually gelled back, but was hanging low as if the gel had ben worn away. Tomaru watched the assistant run his fingers through the locks, trying to fix them. Maybe this was getting to him more than he let on.

“hide, okay, awesome. Thank you” he moved to block his view of the body. “I need you to go help Kyoya” he said, taking his hand and gripping it, trying to pull focus. Maybe a task would help the male.

“Go fix your hair, and help Kyoya. He in the dining hall. After he’s done I need him up in my quarters” he said. “Okay?” he raised his voice when hides eyes wandered up to his grandfather.

“yes Heika-sama” he said, letting go of Tomarus hand and stepped back, exiting the room.

“Wait, Hide” Tomaru stopped him. “no -sama. Just call me Tomaru” he smiled. “and, do you know what happened to Hanae?”

“he’s being kept in the basement” the assistant said, before leaving.

Tomaru sighed and leaned against the wall. He was exhausted already and he hadn’t even seen most of what he had to do. No one told him that this was what as going to be happening today! Otherwise he would have gone to the café earlier. He preferred to be on his back than on his feet.

“Hanae..” Takeshi hummed. “wasn’t he exiled back in 2006?”

“I don’t know. I was 10” Tomaru said. “but probably. Gramps took out like half the family back then” he said, rubbing his neck.

“so this was revenge?” the doctor asked, lifting Totsukas body and laying him on the ground, careful of any blood. The way the limbs moved, just hanging there unnerved Tomaru. He was used to the male fighting everyone, his limbs flailing wildly in anger. This was just… it was so sad. He didn’t feel good.

“im gunna..” he pointed to the door. “I need to go” he said, exiting the room and leaning against the wall to take a breath. He didn’t want that image in his mind. At least when his gramps was in the chair it looked like it could have been staged..

The pale skin could have been makeup

The blood could have been ketchup

It didn’t have to be a dead body..

But it was.

It took a moment for Tomaru to compose himself, and he headed up to his room. He had a plan. He had to deal with the men outside still, and he had a plan. It was crazy and stupid and reckless, but it was good. It had to be.

Tomaru found his way to the master bedroom easily enough. It was big, with ornate double doors. It would be too hard to assassinate the head in their sleep. It was so easy to find..

“If I’m ever targeted, I hope they just rape me” he whimpered, sliding the doors open, heading for the closet.

He had seen pictures of his gramps in the outfit he was looking for, so he knew he had it.

“what are you doing?” Kyoyas voice called out, looking at the clothes strewn across the ground. “What the hell, YOUR quarters now? He’s been gone an hour!” the younger twin scowled. “Your disgusting”

Tomaru sighed but continued looking.

“Kyoya, how’s the hall?”

“everyone’s inside” the beta grumbled.

“good, okay, I have a plan” he smiled, pulling out a red garment from the closet with the biggest grin.


The two sat across from one another, and Kyoya wasn’t entirely doubtful of the plan. For once something good was coming from his brother.

“So, ill be the Shogun, and you be the government” Tomii said and clapped his hands. “Simple, ne” he smiled. “ill be the figurehead, the decorative doll, the geisha on the stage, while you actually run things, with my authority, you’ll be my assistant, like Hide was to Gramps” he said

“only Alphas can be the assistant though” Kyoya said, “Your plan has flaws”

“you do realize who your talking to, I’m literally the top now” he said, and made a ‘yeez’ face at the thought of all that power. “I can decide who does what, who’s going to stop me? Gramps?” he said rhetorically.

“You are my assistant. End of story” he stood up. “Now, help me get dressed” he lifted the red kimono.

“A kimono?” Kyoya asked, standing up and following his brother. “Why? What? What are you going to do?” he scowled.

“I have to address all those geezers, and I’m doing it like I want, in a bright red Kimono, a katana, and with Sake!” he smiled. “Like they do in movies”

“you’re fucking joking” Kyoya stopped and looked up at him. “This is the first thing you do?” he asked. “you have 50 people downstairs looking for leadership and you’re copying bad Jackie chan movie?!”

Tomii smiled and winked. “Hell yea.”


1: From the Top

A little Rated R.


The café wasn’t too noisy, just enough so that others couldn’t hear what he was saying. He leaned in close to the male, whispering in his ear, drawing a blush up onto his cheek. He was saying some really dirty things after all.

The male pulled back and looked around, as if expecting to get caught. The boy was clearly new blood, probably a virgin, or at least not used to being propositioned by a stranger. Ah the life of the sexually adventurous.

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Character Introduction: Kozu and Mamoru

Kozu Ikazuki and Mamoru Hikigaya are my first OC characters of this series! Thye kinda started it all! Theres alot of trouble around this relationship.. because its not really a relationship!

Anywhoo, this is really an explanation of the twos beginnings, like a prequel to the events in Bitten. Everything is really going to get angsty, and this is probably the only time you will enjoy Kozu as a character. He kinda.. changes later on.

But seeing the before is important to understanding the after!

So enjoy! And again, if you have ANY question, hit me up!

Thanks for reading!


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Character Introduction: Hinata and Kageyama

one of my stories started as a Haikyuu fanfiction, still in the omegaverse. The creation of other characters turned it into its own thing. so while these two aren’t MY characters, they are part of the story, and i wrote an introduction of them into the omegaverse.

Its rather fluffy but its supposed to be, and its to explain how things are kinda set up.

If you’ve liked it or have questions, message me! Ill happily, jumping for joy answer questions! on twitter/tumblr/line my username is jillwoa !!


Thanks for reading!


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